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971313_10201415508092589_949166742_nI find myself endlessly inspired by landscape, and the experience of moving through landscape– especially seemingly unremarkable places that have been forgotten or left untouched by man. Driving past overgrown fields next to a highway, I often imagine how huge and still the world must seem to a small creature buried in the grass. To me, their world passes in a blink and a blur, barely noticed or remembered. Or how being out on a walk can leave a scattered abstract parade of colors and movement in my memory, creating a new version of reality without time, sequence or structure. Through painting, I am able to revisit those places, invent new ones, and merge them with my inner experience of being in them and moving through them. Using a combination of memory, imagination, and photo references, I create responsive abstract formations within imagined landscapes… arriving at a confluence between my inner and outer experience. The images I create level the playing field for attention by allowing tiny details to become larger than life, while also bringing the viewer into a fully resolved setting. For me, the act of painting is a practice of taking full inventory of my experience. It allows me to be still with life as it is in the moment, open the unexpected, and communicating in a language that is immediate, expansive and playful.


BFA            School of Art and Design, Alfred University, Alfred, NY, painting, glassblowing, mixed media installation, magna cum laude, 1996


Vermont Studio Center            September-October 2005, grant awarded


“Horizon Line”- a collaborative installation with sculptor Janice Lee Kelly, AS220 Reading Room, Providence, RI (2016)

“Experimental Nature” -The Narrows Center for the Arts, Fall River, MA (2016)

“Soak It Up” -The Drawing Room, Providence, RI (2016)

“Arnold Building Open House” -The George C. Arnold building, Providence, RI (2016)

“MBTI Match-up” -The Drawing Room, Providence, RI (2016)

“Dreamscapes and Familiar Places” -The Island Heron, Jamestown, RI (2015)

“Imagined Breakwalls” – BankRI Pitman Plaza and Turks Head locations, Providence, RI (2015)

“Dreamscapes” – Hera Gallery, Wakefield, RI (2015)

“Elmwood Air Gallery” – an outdoor installation of original paintings inspired by folk tails from around the world created by local artists, Providence, RI (2014)

“Rise Above” – Stowe Craft Gallery, Stowe, VT (2014)

“Third Floor Open Studios” –Lorraine Mills, Pawtucket, RI (2013)

“Home” –Stowe Craft Gallery, Stowe, VT (2010-2011)

“The Colors of Spring” –Chabot Fine Art Gallery, Providence, RI (2010)

“Give the Gift the Endures” –Chabot Fine Art Gallery, Providence, RI (2010)

“The Fall”Stowe Craft Gallery, Stowe, VT (2009)

“The Hill” -East Side Gallery, Providence, RI (2009)

“Riverarts 16th Annual Artists Studio Tour”Dobbs Ferry, NY (2009)

“Explorations + Findings”Stowe Craft Gallery, Stowe, VT (2008)

“Riverarts 15th Annual Artist Studio Tour”Hastings Recreation Center, Hastings, NY (2008)

“Work from VSC”Stowe Craft Gallery, Stowe, VT (2006- 2008)

“Meditations” -The Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT (2005)

“Opening” –Get Real Art, New York, NY (2003)

“The Complexity of Simplicity”The New York Law School (2002)

“A Wake”Get Real Art, New York, NY (2002)

“The Best Of…” –Get Real Art, New York, NY (2001)

“Three” –Get Real Art, New York, NY (2000)

“The Christmas Show” –Soho Editions, Irvington, NY (2000)

“Pick and ‘Scapes” –The Shop, Ardsley, NY (2000)

“Bundled Up and Left” –The Shop, Ardsley, NY (1999)

“1st Annual Open Juried Exhibition”Artwell Gallery, Torrington, CT (1997)

“A Painting Show” –Poor Richard’s, Colorado Springs, CO (1997)

“1996 BFA Exhibition” –Binns-Merrill Hall, Alfred University

“21st Annual Outdoor Light Exhibit” – Museum of Luminous Phenomena, Alfred, NY (1996)

“Granted Debris” –Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred University (1996)

“Sticky Pigments” –Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred University (1995)

“1995 Summer Exhibition” –Fosdick Nelson Gallery, Alfred University

“Do As I Say and Like It” –a traveling exhibition involving light and kinetics, FMG Installation Space, Ohio State University (1994)

“Mixed Media Installation Show” –Alfred University (1994)

“1994 Summer Exhibition” –Fosdick Nelson Gallery, Alfred University

“15th Annual Outdoor Light Exhibition” –Alfred University (1994)

“Pangaea” –Robert Turner Gallery, Alfred University (1994)

“The Freshman Show” –Alfred University (1993)

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